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 Rules - Read before starting

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Darren Criss

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PostSubject: Rules - Read before starting   Tue Apr 12, 2011 10:57 am

Okay, rules, everybody hates them but everybody needs them. So I'll keep them simple.

1. No bullying. Everyone's here to have fun so no negative comments outside of roleplaying will be tolerated. Think of us as the Dalton of RPs. Zero Tolerance.

2. Please use proper English. Text speak is useless to anyone when they're trying to RP. If you do it once, one of the admins or moderators will edit it. Twice, you will be warned, three times, last warning and four times we'll give your character to someone else. It annoys everyone so please don't do it. Obviously, mistakes are allowed. Everyone makes them.

3. Godmoding. Touchy subject, I know. But if you have the character's permission, then of course, you can. Don't nag, though. If somebody says no, then that's that. You can godmode available characters until they are taken and if a character is inactive for more than three weeks, you can godmode.

4. Original characters are not allowed.

5. Posting in RolePlay areas will be in third person and there is no word count.

6. Any characters that are 'unavailable' on the canon list, might just have not been changed. If you would like an unavailable character, contact an admin and they will let you know if you can take it.

7. Last but by no means least...

Have Fun!


-Darren Everett Criss
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Rules - Read before starting
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