The cast of Glee are on tour. Join them through the laughs, the standing ovations and the epic performances!
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 Be nice, people. 'Cause nobody likes an asshole.

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Darren Criss

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PostSubject: Be nice, people. 'Cause nobody likes an asshole.   Tue Apr 12, 2011 10:52 am

Name: Darren Everett Criss

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Personality: Darren is a totally awesome, laid back sort of guy. He loves making people laugh and performing covers of Disney songs. Darren loves Harry Potter and musicals. He's always walking around in his pink sunglasses and he just likes having fun and being with friends.

Background: Darren Criss was first known for his role as Harry in A Very Potter Musical, and again in A Very Potter Sequel, two musicals that can be found on Youtube. Darren originally auditioned for the part of Finn. But he didn't get it. Seriously? He's a short guy, does he look like a football player? But he kept trying and eventually landed the role of Blaine, a character that he loves playing and is excited to see how he develops.

Friends: He's still pretty new to the cast, but he's closest with Chris so far since they've had the most scenes together in season two. He gets along with just about everyone he meets though.
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Be nice, people. 'Cause nobody likes an asshole.
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