The cast of Glee are on tour. Join them through the laughs, the standing ovations and the epic performances!
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Darren Criss

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PostSubject: Information!   Wed May 18, 2011 9:50 pm

So here's how it goes. if you want a livestrean page for your character, simply request one by posting in this topic. All posts on livestrean pages must have the date of livetream as the title mm/dd/yy. (You can't have two livestreams running at once. End one before starting a new one.)

If you have figured out with someone here on the site they they will feature in your character's livestream, don't post the whole thing in one post. Post a little(following the godmoding rule) and wait for the other character to post.

If nobody is going to feature in your character's livestream other than your character, post the entire livestream in one post.

Next, you have a choice. You can leave the topic open for other people on the site to respond OOC to what happened during it OR you could make it a closed topic and have nobody respond in any way.

Any IC responses can be posted via the communication section via cell phone, IM, twitter.

Darren, Dianna, Heather and Naya.


-Darren Everett Criss
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